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Rapper Plies has decided to bless  lucky fans with prizes with a contest counting down to his album release.

The Goon Affiliated Giveaway is a 25 day contest in which Plies plans on awarding one lucky fan each day for 25 days with different prizes leading up to his album release.

Fans will have the opportunity to register to win prizes ranging from an I-Pad and shopping sprees to mortgage and healthcare assistance.

“My music is very much reflective of the ills of our community and real talk.” Plies said, “There are people out there struggling to make ends meet in this economy.  This giveaway to me is more than just a countdown to my album release, it’s about giving back to my community and anybody who knows me knows that’s what it’s all about. So for me it’s about being able to help out where help is needed.”

The contest, which is schedule to run from May 1st through May 25th, is one way that Plies is giving back to the community and trying to raise social awareness.

“This giveaway will not only countdown to my fourth album release, but also gives back to the community from which I am a product of,” Plies continued. “There are so many giveaways these days. People give away things that are not a necessity. The ‘Goon Affiliated 25 Day Giveaway’ gives people a chance to win something that they really need, that could save a family’s home, grant a college education, or allow someone to see a medical professional for treatment and I feel blessed to be able to contribute, it’s so much more than a giveaway to me.”

For more information regarding how to sign up to be a participant in The Goon Affiliated Giveaway, log onto one of the following: