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The same day Nas was allegedly denied to witness the birth of his son, he was seen in his old stomping grounds celebrating the birth of his child. In a video from, the rapper is in the projects of Queensbridge giving props to the legendary creator of Video Music Box, Uncle Ralph, and a shout out to his son.

“Eh yo, my son is born today. So shout out to my son, Knight. Shout out to Ralph McDaniels, you shot my first video….he shot my first video here in the Queensbridge park years ago. Love.”

He then goes on to perform for a crowd of people at the “Love Bug Starski and Friends” concert last night in Queensbridge Park. Accompanied by DJ Hot Day and LoveBug himself, he proudly tells the crowd what he named his son.

“Eh my son name is Knight. That’s what I named the young god, Knight. Y’all heard it first.”

He also stated not to believe all the media hype about his pending divorce with Kelis and their estranged relationship.

Check out the video below: