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An Ohio man has been given 17 years in prison after leaving an 8-month-old boy and a 2-year old-girl in the trash.  The action took place after an argument with the children’s mother, where the male put the toddler in a plastic trash bin and the 2 year old in a trash can.

The children stayed trapped in the trash cans for 13 hours on a hot July day, before being rescued by electricians who heard them crying.  The children were found thirsty and hungry, but were safe and did not suffer physical damage.

39 year old Tommie Johnson Jr., who appeared very apologetic and sad at his sentencing yesterday, claimed that he did not purposely mean to leave the children there and had every intention of going back to get them.  However, all the tears could not have saved him, as Tommie Johnson Jr. received 17 years in prison.

The children are safe and remain in custody of a welfare agency.