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The loss of Hot 97’s Angie Martinez to rival station Power 105 appears to already be igniting a radio war.

To be clear, Hot 97 and Power 105 have never broken bread and the tension has been brewing ever since The Breakfast Club trio of Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy have dominated audience’s attention spans. Veteran Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex has never backed down from a battle and he’s always fired shots where he deemed he saw a target. Apparently, DJ Envy wasn’t bout those allegation games, and he had his lawyer take legal action as he saw fit to send Flex a cease-and-desist letter.

Flex took this fact to his advantage and used his Instagram as a means to rupture Envy’s street credibility.

“McGruff the Snitch aka lil power ranger always talking to police and lawyers sending over paperwork!!! #stoptalkingtopolice,” Flex coldy posted.

The longtime DJ always claimed “to know everthing that goes on” in Power 105’s headquarters and proceeded to ridicule Envy’s salary in the process. “Haaaaa!!!! Listen Man… We just want you to #Stopsnitching that’s it Brah!!! When you talk tuff on that radio don’t send over lawyer paperwork… #MadAtMeOrYourself ps. It’s so easy to rattle this guy!!! That 75,000 you making a yr is a joke!!! Haaaa!!!”

It didn’t take long for Envy to drum up and response and explanation for this alleged snitching:

“Now this is a Cease & Desist…. Full letter… No snitching, no police, no statements… this is a letter to a business… Stopping a coward from lying and making up stories… Any TRUE Dad or HUSBAND would do the same… Chess not checkers… @djfunkflex Your a lying, worthless, jealous, pathetic, old man… we all know your going thru a lot.. But lying is not the answer.. You have been in this business to long to go out like a bitch!!! You are 55 years old acting like a child… Be truthful with yourself bruh.. you are killing your legacy… We know your not tough, your not a thug, no fists, no gunplay just a man that likes to DJ… Be that man… We are excited Angie is part of the team and will continue to celebrate that…. I will not respond to your shenanigans again… Lights Out!!!”

Check out the Instagram evidence in the gallery below. And be sure to give us YOUR take in the comment section on who’s wrong and who’s right in this DJ battle that just happens to not be on wax.

Photos: Instagram

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