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DJ Quik may not have been a member of N.W.A but his contributions to Compton’s legacy is still unheralded, nonetheless. So you can imagine him and his fan’s disbelief that his catalog is omitted from Dr. Dre’s burgeoning music app, Beats Music.

Only it isn’t.

Perhaps the application’s navigation caused Quik to come up short in his search efforts for his music. Whatever the case was, he was livid when he didn’t find his name and let all of his Twitter followers in on his intention to bomb on Dre’s Apple organization.

“There is no DJ QUIK music on the Beatsmusic app,” the veteran artist said before switching into caps lock anger mode. “THIS IS PERSONAL AND IM NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE. ITS ON.”

The tweet that followed can be read into in a myriad of ways but it appeared to go directly at Dre himself. “TUPAC YOU WERE RIGHT ON THE MONEY,” he screamed.

Well-versified Hip-Hop fans know that Tupac wasn’t on the best of terms with Dre at the time of his death and it appeared Quik was co-signing sizzling diss records such as “Toss it Up.”

Unsigned rapper Taywill helped Quik see the error in his ways and defused a possible West Coast legend beef with a screenshot of Quik’s entire discography from the Beats homepage.

Relieved, Quik called the entire battle cry off stating, “MY MUSIC IS ON THE BEATSMUSIC APP. I WAS WRONG.”

Well, it takes a real man to admit it. Quik will be at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, tomorrow June 26. Maybe he will explain that Tupac comment.

Peep the timeline of events in the gallery below.

Photos: Twitter/DJ Quik

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