Raymond “Benzino” Scott is a jack of all trades, and by “all” we mean music and reality TV.  Benzy has kept himself in the music mix all these years, first by co-founding The Source magazine in 1988 and later when Mona Scott Young gave him a gig on Love & Hip Hop: Atlantaa.

Reality TV has obviously added another 15 minutes or so, to his career time clock and he’s taking full advantage. This season, the world of Zino involves him moving away from a co-star to a main character. He gets pretty regular air time nowadays, especially after he was shot by his nephew at his mother’s funeral last year.

No matter how tragic the situation appeared, there are no boundaries with reality T.V. cameras and ratings. As such, on last night’s (June 30) episode, we watched Zino continue with his portrayal of a terrible actor. Even with a bullet in his arm, it’s hard to feel sorry for a guy like him. Something seems inauthentic, but again, that’s what reality T.V. is all about.

Then there’s that other part of Zino’s story, the one that involves The Source Magazine. He was forced out of the company after sexual harassment allegations, and stirring up trouble to entice advertisers didn’t quite work in his favor.

Check out 10 other things to know about him in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram

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