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Prime Minister Pete Nice of 90s rap group 3rd Bass has plead guilty to tax fraud in Albany, NY. 

According to the Associated Press, Pete Nice didn’t pay his income taxes in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Born Pete Nash, he has been ordered to pay $13,101 in back taxes and interest fees. The Albany Times Union reports that Nash plead guilty to misdemeanor criminal tax fraud and will be sentenced on August 26. 

Along with MC Serch and DJ Daddy Rich, 3rd Bass dropped a few albums, including their 1989 debut, The Cactus Album. Their sophomore album, 1991’s Derelicts of Dialect, featured the Vanilla Ice bashing “Pop Goes The Weasel,” which hit no. 1 on the Billboard Rap chart.

After leaving the rap game, Pete Nice made a name for himself in the baseball memorabilia business. However, he recently had financial trouble, with the Albany Times Union reporting that he was recently ordered by a New Jersey judge to pay $260,000 to an auction house after a long legal battle over the authenticity of memorabilia Nash provided. 

Pete ain’t looking too happy in that photo (larger version on the flip, bruh. See him spittin’ in happier times below.

Photo: Albany County District Attorney’s Office

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