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“You don’t treat anyone like that, human or animal.  Some people treat animals better than they treat human beings, but for that to happen over there, that was a shock to all of us.”

Before any person decides to become a parent, some feel that they should try taking care of a dog to prep for taking care of an actual infant.

A couple in Chicago clearly haven’t been able to find the distinction between the two as they have been charged with child neglect after authorities found an 8-year-old girl, the woman’s niece, chained to a bed.

Wearing a nylon dog harness around her neck like a collar, the Park Forest Police Department was contacted by a 6-year-old boy who dialed 911 after the children were allegedly left in the home by themselves.

Upon entering the home, authorities found the frightened boy along with his cousin with her clothing soaked and covered in urine and feces.