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When you’re a leggy, blonde rapper who dates a Black ball player and appear to be an overnight media darling, the target on your back could be pretty humongous. Like, say…the size of Australia.

The more success Iggy Azalea brings about for herself, the more controversy and drama she will likely engage in as well. At press time, there is a photoshopped Facebook shot of her with Drake, T.I. and B.o.B with her social media handle using the n-word making its rounds throughout the Internet. And many took her response to the Nicki Minaj/BET situation as a diss and ran it with it like cold pigskin on a Sunday afternoon.

Now she is the victim to a verbal thrashing (and subsequent on-screen death) at the hands of Madd Mary, a California MC whose bone she had to pick with Iggy just ends up becoming a stabbing weapon.

On her new track “Eff Iggy,” she gathers all the multisyllabic parables she can muster and heave-ho’s them at the “Fancy” rapper, making sure she shoulders the load. With lyrics like, “Think you got permission to rock?/Cuz you were suckin’/South n****s off and listened to Pac?/Soon as they popped the britches you were itchin’ to drop/Sickening to watch how the media done christened you hot,” Mary tells us why she’s “Madd” and then some.

Now comes the dicey part. It will likely be hard to debate that Madd Mary didn’t flex her lyrical superiority towards her competition but in 2014, the road to recognition is easy. Keeping it and elevating the game is the hard part.

Iggy has continuously stressed her exhaustion with Hip-Hop politics and media contrived beef, so the likelihood of her going tit for tat with a virtually unknown is slim to not never. It’s on Mary now to prove she can equal Iggy’s success within the parameters of her own lane without going down as an one-hit hater.

It’s still a good record, however. Check out the video of the Iggy Azalea diss below. The track is available for free download on Bandcamp.

Photo: YouTube