When Ludacris joked he was the “new phenomenon like white women with ass” in 2003, he simply reporting on the increasing interest ladies of all races begun to show in the size of their backside.

The term “ghetto booties” no longer applied shortly thereafter because every woman was in the gym, squatting and eating chicken in efforts to keep up with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Serena Williams to obtain a massive butt. Or so we thought.

Over the past few years, there have been widespread reporting of botched butt injections, a lot of instances which have proven to be deadly. Moguldom Films latest documentary, Bottoms Up: The Rise of the Backside explores the culture shift over the years as the infatuation with the size of one’s butt’s has increased to astronomical proportions.

Music has proven to be a key influence on the subject so in alignment with the release of Bottoms Up, we’re looking at fifteen songs about butts that have directly inflated the movement.

Also, check out the trailer for Bottoms Up here.

Photo: YouTube

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