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A Texas man was killed Saturday after police say a group of men posed as census workers before invading his home, beating, robbing and torturing him to death.

Reginald Haynes of Houston was murdered after a man came to his home dressed in a suit and tie claiming he was coming to collect his family’s census form.

His wife Katherine Haynes tells WBCD that before her husband came home; her son opened the door to the man and was ambushed by him and two other assailants hiding in the hallway.

She also says that she, her son and his girlfriend were beaten and tied up while their attackers demanded money from a safe until her husband Reginald came home.

“They kept asking about a safe, but I told them we didn’t have a safe, and they must be mistake. I gave them $3,000 and said I would take them to an ATM to give them more if they would just spare our lives.”

Police report that when Reginald arrived he was beaten, stabbed and tortured for two hours; having his head dunked in a bathtub.

He later died at a hospital from his injuries.

Since this tragedy census officials are offering safety advice to the public including Eduardo Guity with the U.S. Census Bureau who says there a proper ways to identify a census worker.

“They should have a badge with their name on it, and a messenger bag with the Department of Commerce seal. Most importantly, a Census worker will never ask to come into your home.”

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