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Everybody’s preferences are different. Some guys like women to be prissy and feminine. Others like their ladies rocking Jordan’s and smoking weed.

Casey Veggies and his Midwest-reppin’ brother-in-rhyme, King Chip aren’t on any high horses when it comes to picking their companions from the Hip-Hop crowd. Their new collaboration “Lipstick on the Blunt” finds the duo flexing their cool, stunting down the avenues as they throw an audio house party.

Their choice of subject matter proves rather interesting seeing that the cut is slated to appear on Emilio Sparks’ upcoming compilation, Forever Madness (The Randy Savage) EP. As the title suggests, the project is a salute to the late wrestler and uses its wrestling theme to flip songs from the culture to morph them into Hip-Hop beats.

Producer Mike Cash used Val Venis’ intro to lay the foundation for the beat to “Lipstick on the Blunt” with future records following the same script.

Forever Madness will hit the e-streets in August. Check out the Casey Veggies and King Chip’s contribution to the squared circle below.

Photo: YouTube