In recent times, the Ku Klux Klan has become emboldened in increasing its recruitment efforts in a series of nationwide campaigns. The latest move from the hate group took place in Atlanta, a city that is predominantly Black.

Over the weekend, local ABC affiliate WSB-TV reported on the KKK recruitment flyers that were left on car windshields throughout a pair of neighborhoods. One man thought the flyer was a ticket before making the grim discovery that it was part of the KKK campaign.

From WSB-TV:

Residents in two local neighborhoods are spreading the word about Ku Klux Klan flyers left on cars.

“This is something you hear about, but when you get it on your own personal car it makes it real,” Miles Keenlyside said.

Keenlyside found a flyer on his car and, at first, said he thought it was a ticket. It was actually a flyer encouraging him to “Join the Klan.”

“Save the land, Join the Klan,” the flyer reads. It also said, “We are a law-abiding Christian organization.”

At the top of the flyer, a North Carolina-area phone number is listed.

Keenlyside, who is White, didn’t appear amused in the video report by Channel 2. As expected, the station called the listed number, and later got a response from Grand Wizard Robert Jones. According to Channel 2, Jones said, “This is our national flyer drive. God is the author of segregation. He is the one who drew the color line.”

Some Cabbagetown residents aren’t taking kindly to the KKK flyers, and have been confronting Klansmen and ripping the flyers apart. Still, the disturbing emergence of the flyers have raised concerns but not necessarily fears.

The Klan held an anti-immigration rally in the city this past March.

Watch WSB-TV’s report on the Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers below.

Photo: WSB-TV

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