The latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was full of trials, tribulations and flat out denials. While the cast carried on with the usual shenanigans (that’s clearly Joseline’s favorite word), the most outlandish part of the show was Nikko and Mimi acting like their sextape wasn’t fully produced.

Before we get to the porn stars; Kirk held his apology party, and made sure to throw his co-defendants under the buss. Momma Dee reeled in Scrappy to get him to reconcile with Erica Pinkett and Joseline walked out on Stevie J. But one of the most surprising moments was Althea losing her cool when she went up against Erica and Karlie Redd at Kirk and Rasheeda’s party.

Her verbally sparring was surprising; it was Benzino, who is infamous for his temper, trying to calm her down before the situation got out of hand. As for Mimi and Nikko, this duo got called out for the suspect origins of their sextape and their story was clearly struggle.

That said, check out 12 things we learned on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on the following pages.

Photo: VH1

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