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A man has been convicted after attempting to make another man drink acid as revenge after discovering that he had a relationship with his sister, which started over Facebook.

The victim, Awais Akram, was able to avoid swallowing the substance, but was still unfortunate as the husband, Mohammed Vakas, proceeded to pour acid over his head.

Reports are stating that the attack occurred due to the fact that his sister, Sadia Khatoon, was a married woman, so he must have objected to their online social interaction.  Vakas, allegedly, implemented his sister in bringing Akram to meet up with her at a particular location so he could deal with the situation in his own way.

“This person came in front of me and he had a bottle in his hand. He was saying ‘Open your mouth, open your mouth.’ “He started pouring acid on top of my head. I felt a burning sensation. I asked why I was being attacked and I could not hear clearly, but I could hear the words ‘Sadia, Sadia, Sadia.'”

Now something as simple as blocking a friend probably could have been effective in ending the relationship and would be a lot easier than having to potentially do time.