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Given the nature of the content most rappers use to as the base for their music, it is a short-term goal for most to make it onto the Forbes Richest Rappers List.

However, Yung Joc knows first hand the unwanted notoriety being placed amongst Hip-Hop’s wealthiest individual’s brings and he’s candidly admitting that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

In a new interview with VLADTV, Joc admits that his breakout effort Yung Joc City brought on a host of unexpected problems once people knew he had money, saying “it made people really upset.” He even compared it the Dave Chappelle skit that poked fun at the people changing around the comedian’s newfound wealth.

In his inspirational single “Believe It”, fellow Love & Hip-Hop star Saigon rapped, “They’d rather me pretend to be something I’m not/I’m the new Public Enemy/I’m different from Yung Joc/And nah I ain’t dissin’, this n***a’s up in the Forbes/Sh*t I ain’t made a dollar tryin to rap for the cause.” Although he didn’t take offense to the cleverly placed counting of his money, his family members had no qualms in holding out their ashy palms for a handout.

“You had people who may have come to me and asked to borrow $1,000. And where I was able to give them $1,000. After that sh*t came out n****s was hitting me like ‘Damn, my n****a, I asked you for a stack. You could have gave me 10,’” he remembers. “People was looking at it like ‘Damn, you been short-changing me all this time. Damn, my n****a, you asking for deals and sh*t. You asking for me to show you some love and give you the hookup. And you made 10 million?’ It made people really upset with me, dog. I never seen no sh*t like this in my life.”

Watch the entire interview down below. Christopher Wallace couldn’t have been more prophetic with one of his biggest singles. As for going for broke, Joc says he still gets quarterly publishing checks so don’t pray on his downfall just yet.


Photo: Instagram/Yung Joc