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Nicki Minaj just broke the Internet. That’s really the only way to describe the hoopla surrounding the artwork she unveiled for her upcoming single, “Anaconda,” this morning.

As if the title’s apparent sexual innuendo weren’t enough, the YMCMB Barbie appears on the cover with her, um, assets very much in clear sight. In fact, an aptly colored pink g-string is the only thing separating Nicki’s unmentionables from plain view.

From fellas hounding over the rapper’s plump posterior to others who expressed disgust, the image inspired reactions from a large part of the Twitter community. See the “Anaconda” picture that has everyone talking below and find the tweets on the following pages.

Nicki Minaj, of course, is very familiar with the art of thirst trapping. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Nicki Minaj/YMCMB

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