Combat Jack & Dallas Penn Go To The Movies Ep. 6 [VIDEO]


Hollywood has found a way to reinvent the sequel without directly remaking the movie, and it’s becoming the latest trend in the box-office madness.

For the sixth episode of our trustworthy Combat Jack & Dallas Penn Go To The Movies series, the cerebral duo peel through scripts of Earth to Echo, Tammy and Lucy. Or otherwise known to movie buffs as E.T. II, Thelma & Louise II and The Matrix…rebooted?

Did Hip-Hop’s burgeoning talent Astronomical Kid have enough star power to shoulder the weight of his first movie role? Is it time for Melissa McCarthy to find a new shtick? Is Scarlett Johansson everything Keanu Reeves ever hoped to be–with more photogeneity?

Watch the video to find out.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

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