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Lecrae might be a rapper who waxes poetics about faith, monogamy and positive human growth, but the lyrically ordained wordsmith’s rhymes never falter. His Anomaly album, due out September 9, is no exception.

“You sacrifice the art [when] you’re so focused on trying to get a message across,” Lecrae tells us. “And sometimes, messages are for books and sermons, lectures and not for music. Music is music. If the message comes across authentically, cool. But [I] focus on making dope music.”

The Atlanta-by-way-of-Houston MC continues to distinctively forge his legacy in Hip-Hop in the most unlikely of ways. By remaining spiritually grounded and simultaneously bodying verses, Lecrae is steadily rising above the Christian rapper stereotype.

Oh, you don’t know?

So much is he deviating from the norm that the arrival of ‘Crae’s seventh studio album has already caused a global participation in the concept behind the project. Via the #Anomaly hashtag, celebrities and civilians alike have shared with the rapper how they themselves have gone above what is standard.

Talk about a testimony.

Hip-Hop Wired: Anomaly. That’s a great word. How will this next album deviate from the norm?

Lecrae: In a lot of ways. Conceptually, it’s about how I deviate from the norm just being a product of Hip-Hop, but yet staying true to who I am and what I’m about, even though the culture is going its own route. It’s saying ‘Man, I don’t care. I’ll be different.’

I really loved when Andre 3000 stood out and was himself, even though everybody else looked at him sideways; he was still unapologetically going to be him. And that’s what this [album] is really all about.

The songs on the album are very personal, and I don’t mind taking some stands and making some statements that a lot of people won’t make. So that’s really what it is, it’s about being an anomaly. And big music – the music is big. The production is not just simple beats, a couple singles have that going on, but for the most part, it’s really intricate.

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