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Any way that you try to spin it, the Michael Brown case is in a state of disarray and needs a federal probe stat.

The latest display of blatant contradiction comes in light of the statement of Darren Wilson, the officer who fired and connected six gunshots to Brown, ultimately killing him.

Through the words of his supposed close friend “Josie” on NewsTalk 97.1 KTFK’s The Dana Show, Wilson gave his take on the events that transpired on August 9. CNN obtained the audio to be spread on a national scale.

The autopsy, albeit somewhat incomplete as the toxicology report is still pending, didn’t allude to any signs of a physical altercation but Wilson’s account through his friend said otherwise.

“As [Wilson] stands up, Michael just bum rushes him; just shoves him back into his car and punches him in his face,” she recounts. “As Darren reaches for his gun, Michael grabs the gun and at one point [he] has the gun totally pointed against his hip and the gun goes off. Michael takes off with his friend and they get to be 35 feet away and…um…Darren…of course protocol is to pursue. So he yells ‘freeze’ and Michael starts hounding him, ‘Oh, what are you going to do about it?,’ she alleges. “Then all of sudden, [Michael] bum rushes him at full speed and he starts shooting and he just kept coming. So [Darren] really thinks he was on something because it was unbelievable…so he finally ended up…the final shot was in the forehead and then he fell about two or three feet from the officer.”

While “Josie” wasn’t at the scene of the ordeal, Ferguson rapper Thee Pharoah actually was, and live tweeted the entire scenario with perceived adrenaline pumping. “I just saw someone die, OMFG” he passionately posted online that fateful afternoon. “It’s blood all over the street, n****s protesting nsh*t. There is police tape all over my building. I am stuck in here omg. Bruh. I’m so upset.”

He even took pictures of the scene as it happened. There was no recollection of any such bum rushing on his part, however.

Check out the shocking photos from the Ferguson rapper in the gallery below (viewer discretion is advised) and listen to the Josie audio in the player below.

Photos: Twitter/TheePharoah

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