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Dwayne Johnson has been enjoying a good Hollywood summer with Hercules performing well in domestic and international theaters. While promoting his current film, Johnson hinted that he might appear in a DC Comics movie adaptation of its Shazam title to play the role of the hero’s nemesis, Black Adam.

Johnson was in Mexico City when he told the Associated Press about his upcoming role in the upcoming Shazam film. Apparently Johnson has a choice of playing the lead role or that of the ancient Egyptian super villain. It does appear that the actor better known as The Rock has his sights set on playing the bad guy.

From the Associated Press:

He may not have a hard time making a decision. He told The Associated Press on Monday that he has always been a fan of anti-heroes and said one of his favorite DC Comics characters is Black Adam.

Appearing in Mexico City to promote “Hercules,” Johnson said he will make sure comic fans are not disappointed.

“I am putting my heart and soul and my bones into this role,” he said.

Good news for fans of the charismatic movie star and professional wrestling legend.

Johnson didn’t mention if the character will make an appearance in the upcoming Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice film in 2016.

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