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In other countries where thieves have their limbs cut off for stealing, this new method implemented by a father on his son definitely takes the cake in terms of innovations.

A father hailing from Staten Island is being accused of forcing his 9-year-old son into an oven, naked, because he was under the belief that he had taken money from his wallet, according to a report.

So, people are trying to make live gingerbread men these days huh?

Although authorities are stating that the oven was never turned on with the boy inside, James Moss, 52, allegedly turned on the stove burner and placed the boy’s hands over it for around 2 minutes, which resulted in the child suffering second and third-degree burns.

“My son stole some money from my wallet and I burnt him and burnt his hand on the stove,” Moss told cops, according to court papers obtained by the Advance.