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The police shooting of slain teen Michael Brown has inspired protests in Ferguson and other cities across the nation. There are civil rights campaigns going on that are urging civilians and the political sphere to petition for new laws that aid in police brutality and misconduct.

Social media seems to be playing a viral role in spreading the news and raising awareness, despite the cynicism attached to “Internet activism.” With hashtags like #DontShoot and #OpFerguson, Twitter users are voicing their opinions, concerns and photo ops in the fight against racial injustice and call for peace.

Though not many celebs, including rappers, have been vocal about what’s going on in Ferguson, the same can’t be said about Talib Kweli. He alongside the legendary Pete Rock have participated in today’s #HandsUpFriday in support of Michael Brown, Ferguson and the many organizations at the frontline.

See some powerful #HandsUpFriday images, including the reported next week covers of The New Yorker and TIME.

Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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