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Harlem sticks together doesn’t seem to be the appropriate motto for Dame Dash and Jim Jones. The Diplomats rapper called the former cakeaholic a culture vulture, amongst other things, and now Dash finally responds.

In a 13-minute plus video, Dash is found on a leather couch being interviewed by his barber of Kenyatta of Hip Hop Motivation. Dame is still unclear what would fuel Jones to slander him on Instagram.

“Whatever it is, that’s family business. I know Jim, he’s emotional. When it comes to Black people when they do business together it doesn’t matter how much good stuff you do, if one thing is perceived as bad, Black people get very reactive instead of talking through” Dash explains.

Dash also speculates that Jim’s anger might be fueled out of a misunderstanding or someone in his crew possible being in his ear. “A lot of times it’s a misunderstanding and the person who’s putting a battery in your back have their own agenda.”

The former Roc-A-Fella mogul also addresses the allegations of shady business practices from Curren$y and the recently freed Beanie Sigel. “In terms of Curren$y and Beans and all of these kind of things, I usually hear about their issues, it’s never presented to me. I wish that if they did have issues, they would just come talk to me in a manly way because they should know with my history and all the good things I’ve done that if anything was ever done bad it was never intentional because that’s not how I’m built and that’s not what I do” Dash maintains.

While Dame does seem disappointed by how he was put on notice via social media, he still expresses a respect for Jones. “He’s my friend. I love his son, I love his mom. I grew up with that dude. That’s where forgiveness comes in.”

What do you make of this entire fiasco? Is Dame running game or is Jim just emotional? You can watch the video in its entirety below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Photo: Youtube