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Four adults and a minor in New Hampshire are in police custody after officials say they taunted and convinced a mentally disabled boy to get a tattoo of a penis across his buttocks.

The Concord police department say the bullies threatened to beat up a 14-year-old boy unless he agreed to be tattooed.

The boy who has learning disabilities was made to go to a nearby home on May 10th where he was  forced by the assailants to drop his pants and have the word “Poop package” tattooed across his behind.

Police report that the men threatened the boy with bodily harm if he moved and made him show other classmates what they’d done.

A teacher saw the tattoo and reported the crime to authorities. The tattoo equipment used to write on the boy was recovered and willingly handed over to police .

Police have arrested the four suspects, Donald Wyman, 20, Ryan Fisk, 19, Travis Johnston, 18, and Blake VanNest, 18. The 15-year-old minor is expected to be charged as well.

When authorities questioned the bullies about the boy, they insisted that they did not know his real name and referred to him as “Poop package” for police.

The alleged bullies are charged with numerous crimes, including assault, endangering the welfare of a minor, criminal threatening, and tattooing without a license.