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Missouri resident Pedro Guzman pleaded guilty for first degree assault last month after he punched a 59 year old in the jaw.

The 21 year old, got into a conflict with the much older woman after she slammed his car door and told him to get off of her property. Guzman then warned the woman’s granddaughter, by telling her

“Get your grandma , or I will put her on the floor.”

When the grandma refused to leave, Pedro did just that and punched her square in the face, breaking her jaw in the process. In fact, he punched her so hard she was on a liquid diet for four weeks. (Not a joke)

Platte County Attorney Eric Zhand tells The Kansas City Star,

“It is beyond the pale for a 19-year-old man to sucker punch a woman who is 40 years older than he is. This defendant has repeatedly shown that he is unwilling to live by the rules of civilized society and simply needs to be locked away from the rest of us.”

Guzman is required to serve 85 percent of his sentence, so it will be 21 years before he could even speak about parole.

Guzman was said to be yelling “POW! Right In the Kisser!” during the punch. (Okay, that one was a joke)

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