Moguldom Studios is proud to present the newly debuted, Marquis Smalls-directed film, Hating Obama.

The documentary, which opened on Sept. 19 at this year’s UrbanWorld Film Festival, takes a thought provoking look at the unprecedented hatred received by President Barack Obama and begs the question: is Obama hated for his policies or because he’s Black?


President Obama has been the recipient of some of the most ground breaking and disrespectful hate filled moments in American Presidential history. While it is clear and apparent that all Presidents have received some form of opposition and low approval ratings throughout their terms in office, President Obama has experienced many more instances that could be attributed to racism as America’s first “black” President.

The purpose of this documentary is to shine a light on the most egregious and hateful moments that we have seen President Obama and his family subjected to, while taking a look at his record of accomplishments and responses to some of the hatred.

For more information on UWFF, visit HERE. Hit the flip to see photo ops from the New York screening. Watch trailer at the end and sound off in the comments.

Photos: Moguldom

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