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A makeshift memorial for Mike Brown was allegedly set on fire overnight, leaving a loving tribute to the slain teen in Ferguson in ruin and citizens angered. On social media, the reaction to the unfortunate incident has sparked expected expression of outrage.

Locating the origin of the photos has proven difficult, but what we’re able to gather from reporters and citizens from the ground via Twitter that the electric light pole memorial was set ablaze in the night. Tuesday morning, a charred heap remains instead of the collection of stuffed toys and notes in memory of the slain teenager.

Details of how the fire was started and more are still in development but it appears residents might have clues about who would perform such a brazen act. A Fox News report suggests that the blaze was set by candles surrounding the memorial, although no official account has been published.

Reporter Laura Hettiger from KMOV seemed to have one of the earlier shots of the burned memorial. Reports say the blaze took place in the wee hours of the morning. Police have blocked all access to Canfield Drive where the memorial was burned according to Paul Hampel. Charles Wade has been getting accounts on the ground from residents and volunteers from Cop Watch who say police watched the blaze occur and did nothing. Follow the #MikeBrown hashtag on Twitter to keep up with all the moving news.

Hit the following pages to see the photos of the burned Mike Brown memorial. We do warn that the image might be emotionally disturbing. We’ve also gathered some reactions from Twitter regarding the vandalism, including the accounts we just mentioned.  Truly a sad day in Ferguson, Mo.

Photo: Twitter

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