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Social media allows indie artists to streamline their records to the masses in a way that’s totally devoid of any corporate puppeteers. It’s a process based on natural attraction, not unlike dealing with people on a day to day basis. But while some songs are sonically inviting in a way comparable to experiencing love at first sight, others are so quirky that forming an opinion off a single listen is ludicrous. That, in premise, is the story of OG Maco, the Atlanta-bred rapper who’s literally and figuratively making a lot of noise due to his chaotic single, “U Guessed It.”

Having amassed over three million YouTube views in just a month, it’s safe to assume that Maco is on to something. And that’s not to say that the bubbling rapper doesn’t have more to prove. His situation, however, is different because he appears to be in complete control, despite the track’s quick traction. In our best impression of Denzel Washington’s Training Day character, Alonzo Harris: “The sh*t’s chess, it ain’t checkers!”

Maco has aligned himself with QC Records, which is ran by Kevin “Coach K.” Lee, who previously managed the likes of Jeezy and Gucci Mane. His independent label also houses Migos, who know a thing or two about extending 15 minutes of fame in the face of naysayers.

It’s no wonder that one of Maco’s follow-up singles is aptly titled “Want More,” as his Live Life 2 project featuring production from Cardo is set to release sometime within the next 15 days. In short? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the newcomer, now.

Who: OG Maco (formerly Maco Mattox) hails from Atlanta, a city that never completely loses the underdog mentality it had pre-Outkast’s success, despite their obvious dominance on the charts since the mid-2000s. That said, the young rapper’s mentality and a gambler looking to strike big in the casino are synonymous. The only difference is that Maco can count cards, while the next artist is betting their life’s savings. Such can be heard in confident delivery on wax, as it appears that he’s discovered his formula early on, though he contends that he has more to give.

Credentials: OG Maco made his impact felt on four tapes, including Live Life, which released February 2014. But it was the Give Em Hell EP, which he and fellow ATLien Key! co-created, that held his breakout single. Live Life 2 and OG Maco will arrive sometime between October and December.

Fun Fact: Maco is fairly quiet, though the sound of his popular records infer otherwise.

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