Hip-Hop Wired: You recently released the “U Guessed It (Remix),” featuring 2 Chainz. How did that collaboration come about?

OG Maco: It’s not really a remix, but we’ll refer to it as that right now. 2 Chainz was actually the only person I really wanted and that I heard on the record immediately. Even before I let Key! get on it, I heard Tity Boi on it.

Time was going by, and there’s a bunch of big names who reached out to get on the record, but Tity Boi was really the one who said, “Yea, I’m f*cking with this sh*t, hard body” and sent back the verse. That ni**a killed it.

HHW: What do you have to say about the role that Vine played in “U Guessed It” becoming a viral hit?

OG Maco: Man, that sh*t is crazy [but] it’s cool at the same time because we knew the record would be successful. I personally don’t vine; I don’t give a f*ck about it. Summerella, Wolf Tyla, King Kerraun, and Reg Couz played a part [in the song’s success]. But do I think the song would have gotten to three million without it, eventually over time. For that explosion, nothing’s stronger than the people. Salute Vine for that.

HHW: The Give Em Hell EP you did with Key! held a few potential hits. What made “U Guessed It” the one?

OG Maco: That’s not even the reason why we went with it to be honest with you. “U Guessed It” was on Give Em Hell, but “RoadRunner” was also on the project; that was my active single and it was going crazy. “RoadRunner” was getting into every club around the city, then “U Guessed It” happened. We didn’t pick that sh*t, people did. People f*ck with me being angry.

HHW: You’re pretty mellow right now, which is a total departure from how you’ve sounded past tracks. How do you channel that energy in the booth?

OG Maco: It’s like this. I’m really, really quiet, completely chill, and in my own world or I’m really explosive and right here. But when I’m in the studio, it’s not really either of them. I don’t really know how to explain it.

That’s like all that savage sh*t that I’m holding in and not really doing right now, because we’re rapping; we’re getting away from all that sh*t. But all I have to do is think about that sh*t. It’s not old for me. I ain’t been rapping for 15 years, 10 years, or five years. My sh*t is real fresh, it’s real active. I just lost ni**as; ni**as just died. It doesn’t take much for me to get angry. I’m always angry.

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