Ex-Roc-A-Fella soldier Freeway sat down and discussed his new label situation as well as what happened towards the end of his tenure at the now legendary Roc-A-Fella Records.

In an interview with, Freeway stated that a lot of the Roc roster didn’t receive a heavy promotion in the end due to the personal feud that was going on with Jay-Z and Dame Dash.

“I just feel like towards the end, everyone was focaused on what Jay and Dame were doing and not really promoting our albums.  Like when everything was falling apart, everyone was concentrating on what they were doing versus what we’re doing.”

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When asked about his feelings regarding the beef that former label mate Beanie Sigel has with Jay-Z, Freeway states that he wishes the two would “reach out to each other” and move past their issue.

“I know it’s crazy to everyone else, but really it all boils down to a misunderstanding,” Freeway continued. “If they would just talk to each other and clear the air, they would both see that it was a misunderstanding.”

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