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The movie and comics world are both abuzz after a recent announcement by Warner Bros. that a slate of DC Comics films are in development, including Wonder Woman and Justice League. In that announcement was a mention of a Suicide Squad film, and it is rumored that Will Smith and Tom Hardy are considering roles.

Deadline has been on top of the news that Smith, one of Hollywood’s top draws, and Hardy, who starred as Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, could star in a Suicide Squad adaptation. For background, the Suicide Squad is a collection of super villains assembled by the government to take on a series of secret missions and are controlled by machines that will kill them if they go off course.

In the CW’s Arrow series, the Suicide Squad has made an appearance already but the big screen version of the group could be one for the ages. Australian actress Margot Robbie is also a possible addition to the cast still under assembly. According to Deadline, Robbie was set to star in a live-action version of Ghost In The Shell but Scarlett Johansson ultimately got the role.

Smith and Robbie star alongside one another in the film, Focus.

It could be assumed that Smith will play Suicide Squad martial artist Bronze Tiger should he take the role.

Photo: DC Comics