Minus a hole in his scarce collection of suits, Dr. Cornel West admitted that he emerged from his Ferguson arrest relatively unscathed. The political figure made a return to his second home of FOX News on Sean Hannity’s solo talk segment.

The topic quickly shifted to the possibility that Mike Brown’s blue badge killer, Darren Wilson won’t be charged with any crimes, West offered up his solution to appease all parties.

“I think we all have to have a sense of integrity and be committed to a fair trial. They have to have a transparent process. You can’t just keep this thing undercover and then leak ‘this’ then leak ‘that’. We have to have a fair trial,” he stated.

Hannity then switched gears towards inflammatory political advertisements from the Democratic party that look to entice Black voters into thinking the other side were run by racists. Dr. West–a self-admitted skeptic of both elephants and donkeys–informed viewers that Republicans playing the race card was equally as prominent. “We just have to be clear,t here’s one standard,” West argued. “Stay in contact with the humanity across the board, no racist appeals — Willie Horton, Jesse Helms, we’ve got both parties engaging in misbehavior!”

Moderate political views are something that will always get a “hear ‘ye” from either voter and Hannity seemed content with the response.

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Photo: FOX News

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