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Officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who allegedly gunned down unarmed teen Mike Brown without probable cause, is apparently so scared for his life, he’s failing to uphold the fulfillments of job as a law enforcement agent.

Which means showing up to court to close the cases of the individuals who stand accused of crimes he busted them for.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has found that in the past few weeks, a whopping amount of six low-level drug cases have been dropped since Wilson remains unseen from the public eye. This most recent case is said to have been a felony drug charge stemming from a 2013 marijuana possession arrest of a one Christopher Brooks. The prosecution had stalled at the beginning of September after Wilson missed a preliminary hearing, and they were forced to cut Brooks loose on Monday, October 27, after a repeat no-show.

St. Louis County Associate Circuit Judge Mary Bruntrager Schroder handed down the order saying, “State not ready. Cause dismissed for failure to prosecute. State opposed.” The Brooks case raised quite a stir at City Council last year, and the 28-year-old had also went on record alleging that Wilson had beat him as he laid up in handcuffs, although that has yet to be proved in a court of law.

Ed Magee, spokesperson for the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, told NBC News that Wilson “wasn’t available.” and their would be no punishment on the officer’s part, adding “We don’t get people in trouble for not showing up for court,” The Atlantic has learned.

Wilson’s lawyers declined to comment to all inquires from the various outlets.

Photo: CNN