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We thought Harlem sticks together? The separation between former friends Jim Jones and Dame Dash has gotten wider over the last few months. Based on Jones’ most recent Instagram slander, it seems the two will never be close again.

In August, the Diplomats rapper took to social media to call Dash a culture vulture and a crook after some alleged funny business moves. The former cake-a-holic responded through a video with his barber turned interviewer claiming Jim is known for getting emotional.

When asked directly if he did in fact go at Dash, Jones claimed that his Instagram got hacked but still admitted to reacting too quickly.

Last week Dash took to Instagram to praise Cam’ron and DukeDaGod as the only original Diplomats which was perceived as a slight towards Jones:

Lunch meeting at the crib with only living original diplomats in my eyes if @mr_camron had to introduce you to me or @darealdukedagod had to introduce you to me then you are affiliated with them… Not me @dipsetusa1997 #harlemstickstogether

To lay further salt on the situation Dame posted another flick of Cam’ron as they filmed a new movie with more dry disses aimed at CAPO:

“Real Harlem ni—s never fight each other and never disrespect each other…not under any circumstance…we have to much respect for each other we only wanna make money and get fresh…. We stay as far away from that insecure tough sh-t as possible…all the tough sh-t is embarrassing… And doesn’t reflect us…we only wanna promote positivity and sticking together as a culture…. #harlemstickstogether acting tough is for punks”

Today (November 4) Jones went for the jugular with a scathing post accusing Dash of not being able to pay his rent, car note and being on Jim’s “side b*tch” assistance program with numerous $100 dollar donations.

“Somebody ask this d-ckhead @duskopoppington dame if his car note n rent is paid this month or is he still sneak thieving his own people to pay bills he can’t afford smh why did u fire David Chang cause u put a car in his name n didn’t want to pay th car note which is ur bill n then u put hands on a defenseless Chinese man why u dont do tht tuff sh-t like u said to a real tuff n—a like my self oh cause u a fa—t sneak thieving c–k sucker dam dame u went out like a bad batch of tht scaggy postin pics wit @mr_camron aint gone save u bro u need Jesus lol Byrd n—a n when u see me u know whts up aint nothin change n—a lmao this should b fun exposure lol is this wht U wanted to b back in th game right well here’s ur introduction n u owe me bout 5k cash from all them 100 dollars I was givin u Dailey like my side b*tch”

We don’t know Jones’ talk to be pork, so we have to ask why would he be so upset with Dash, who he has known since being a teenager? You can view all the Instagram posts on the following pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

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