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Ku Klux Klan members in the New York borough of Long Island have allegedly been distributing racist fliers and propaganda packets referencing the death of Ferguson teen Michael “Mike” Brown. Residents of Suffolk County expressed shock at the incident, and it isn’t the first time this has happened.

ANIMAL New York followed up with Suffolk County police, who said that two calls were placed to their offices on Sunday. After responding to the call, officers discovered the packets of propaganda and recruitment material from the KKK.

ANIMAL writes:

Two calls were placed to Suffolk county police on Sunday morning — one from Port Jefferson, and another from nearby Patchogue — a police spokesperson told ANIMAL.

“A detective went out there and canvassed the neighborhood this morning,” the spokesperson said.

Suffolk County police had no other information on whether anything else was discovered during the detective’s patrol.

The small plastic bags — thrown on at least one block in Port Jefferson — were filled with a light brown substance with a sticker that read (with poor grammar):

Support Missouri Police For Taking Out Two N-gger Thugs Who Are in Hell Were [sic] They Belong …..

White Power!

Loyal White Knights of the KKK

Along with the packets was a website URL and a North Carolina phone number. ANIMAL called the number and were greeted with a voice mail of a man with a southern accent and calling the Loyal White Knights the “largest Klan in America.”

Back in September, Long Island residents were blasted with fliers that also used Brown’s killing as a tie-in for its hateful message. According to an earlier New York Times report, the White Knights leader has been drumming up recruitment efforts in response to growing immigration.

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