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If you were resting assured that your local Walmart worker was gearing up for the holiday madness known as Black Friday, you may want to rethink that strategy.

Our Walmart, the coalition who has been working diligently to get employees of the powerful retailer $15 an hour, has announced a Black Friday strike that would represent tens of thousands of Americans.

Barbara Gertz, a Colorado Walmart associate, summed up the reason for the brash holiday decision saying, “Walmart’s low pay business model isn’t working for our families, for our customers and for the company, but change is possible.”

“Walmart needs to listen to workers like us about how to fix these problems by adding hours and improving pay so that we can get the job done. Threatening and firing us for speaking out about how to improve the stores is illegal and shortsighted. That’s why I’m going on strike on Black Friday and why so many of my co-workers are joining me,” she continued.

The pending Black Friday strike also has the support of AFT New Mexico President Stephanie Ly. “Shame on Walmart and the Walton’s for creating a reality where many Walmart workers say they can’t even afford to give their kids Thanksgiving dinner because of their low pay,” Ly said. As someone who has dedicated her career to helping children grow and achieve their dreams, that tears me apart.”

If the day after Thanksgiving is anything like strikes in Los Angeles that saw 23 people arrested, Wally World is in for a new host of unwanted attention.

Let’s just hope they have enough scabs to cover the wounds.

Photo: Our Walmart