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As earlier reported, the daughter of Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell felt the need to give a testimony as she looked to expose her father and speak on him not claiming his children along with beating her mother.

His appearance at this year’s Hip-Hop Honors would obviously bring about the question, which Campbell went to address to Shade 45’s Angela Yee, although he preferred to leave all the details as being strictly family business.

Along with the accusations, he also noted what changes were made that brought him to the event and also mentioned that 2 Live Crew would shortly be reuniting once again due to the demand of the fans.

“I haven’t even looked at it, I just hear people talking about it.”

His daughter has since apologized for the vulgarity that was used, but still feels as though Campbell’s son need the attention of his father.  Hopefully this family affair can find a way to keep itself out of the hands of the media and iron itself out.