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Christina Milian’s singing career is at that pivotal point of struggle where it’s now or never, and God bless her for still trying. The 33-year-old mom and her boyfriend, Lil Wayne, brought some heat to the American Music Awards by way of “Start a Fire” a terrible new collaboration complete with pyrotechnics on stage.What transpired was a weird mashup of sleepy lyrics, vocal meandering (yes you, Ms. Milian), and no real performance chemistry between the two.

Tunechi deserves a whoopin’ for making this song just as much as Milian does, but she got the brunt of the hatred. As a matter of fact, she might not want to check her Twitter mentions for about another 24 hours, or so.

Also, maybe these these guys are better off not mixing business with pleasure? Just a suggestion.

Hit the gallery for the slander.

Photo: YouTube

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