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“I don’t have a profession,” Smothers told police. “I kill people for money.”

As the “contract” killing spree of a Detroit man on trial proceeds in court, a murderer pleaded guilty Monday to a number of casualties, including the wife of a police officer.

Vincent Smothers, 29, admitted to eight counts of second-degree murder along with a gun charge.

With his confession made two years ago to the eight deaths by his hands, he told investigators that each target was in connection to the drug trade, except the murder of Rose Cobb, 47, the day after Christmas in 2007.

While sitting in her van, Smothers approached the vehicle, smashed the window with a tire iron and shot the woman in the head.  This, however, was the point in which his mentality shifted.

“My stomach was in knots,” Smothers told detectives after his April 2008 arrest, according to The Grio. “I felt like she was innocent. … All the rest were dope dealers.”

Essentially, Smothers was a contract killer that just had one wrong hit.

In exchange for the guilty plea, Smothers was given the minimum sentence of 52-years behind prison walls.  He has already been credited for time served since his initial arrest, so he could see the light of day by the time he’s around 80.