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Despite video of the fatal chokehold used by a white NYPD cop on 43-year-old Staten Island man Eric Garner this past July, a grand jury in the borough had decided not to indict the officer. Hip-Hop stars and other celebrities took to Twitter to voice their anger over the decision.

With the grand jury decision regarding white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson and the death of unarmed Black teenager Mike Brown still fresh in the minds of many, the Garner decision was an unexpected blow. Some voices on Twitter are stating that the pair of failed indictments of white officers in cases of death involving Black victims stinks of racism. The response across social media as been robust, but Twitter’s fast-moving environment has produced some of the most passionate outcry of all from public figures.

Naturally, there is some fatigue from what just occurred in Missouri but there is a burgeoning gathering of protesters in New York right now galvanized by today’s news.

No matter where one sides on the issue, it’s evident that it has struck a chord with many.

Hit the following pages to see tweets from Hip-Hop artists and other stars chiming in on the Eric Garner grand jury decision in New York.

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