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Society seems to broaden the scope of what’s considered high art each year. This fact materialized right in front of famed crooner Usher’s eyes at Art Basel 2014 in Miami, where he was able to charge his phone in a woman’s vagina for a small fee.

Yes, you read that correctly. TMZ Reports:

Usher paid $20 in exchange for 10 minutes of juice Wednesday night. A crowd of distinguished art enthusiasts stood by and watched the entire thing.

The woman wanted to show how humans have become dependent on technology and she felt a super-charged vagina would help make her point.  We totally get it.

Don’t worry, the vagina was equipped with a second battery pack … in case anyone had a Droid.

Needless to say that Usher looks very intrigued in photos taken of his experience. But then again, who wouldn’t be. See said images on the following pages and the full gallery here.

Photo: TMZ

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