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Only Rihanna would have the cojones to jack someone’s copyrighted material and pass it off as her own and not give a f*ck in the process.

The pop princess on Nov. 11 made a patriotic gesture to U.S. troops with her Instagram Veteran’s Day post. And while we all thought her share was an original image, the creators –– Coronet Diamonds –– called her out for jacking their sh*t.

Via TMZ:

Coronet Diamonds created the image and posted it on its website November 11 — Veteran’s Day. Apparently the famous Barbadian liked it so much … she posted it on her Instagram, and Twitter, but she kind of deceived her followers by Photoshopping herself into the image and then removing the jewelry company’s hashtag.

So we found out Coronet has sent Rihanna a cease and desist letter. They’ll settle for an apology on Rihanna’s social media platforms … an apology that makes it clear Coronet created the image.

You’re probably thinking “just an apology?” Yes, so that all 142 million of her fans –– presumably lots of women –– take notice and get enticed to peruse their bling collection. We hear diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Photo: Instagram