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A 21-year-old Washington state man likes stealing cars,  and going to jail  — in that order. Kyle Matthews jacked a vehicle Wednesday (Dec. 3), a mere 30 minutes after he was released from custody. 

Matthews served five months for auto-theft. Once he was released he headed to a supermarket a couple blocks away from the jail, and lifted a black 1972 Volvo.

He obviously didn’t get very far.

The guys whose car got stolen originally drove to the store parking lot to meet his daughter. He left the keys inside (smart move, by the way) and noticed the car leaving without him. When his daughter showed up they attempted to follow the vehicle for a bit. Then they changed their minds, went back to the parking lot, and called 911.

Authorities caught up with Matthews at a traffic stop and promptly took him back to jail on charges including possession of stolen property, and attempting to elude. He is being held without bail at the Whitman County Jail.

Nothing was missing from the car.

Photo: FB/Smoking Gun