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Following his stellar opening weekend, Chris Rock is still trailblazing the promotion for his directorial debut, Top Five. Crash landing in the sports realm owned by Cari Champion, Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless, Rock dished on his “top five” basketball stars of all-time as well as the NFL’s much-debated topic to ban the n-word.

“I mean, honestly…they should–if you’re penalizing curses, just penalize the curses,” he explained when asked to give his take on the new ruling that is supposed to be in effect as we speak. “I don’t know if you should single out one particular word. Because sometimes the word is said in happiness! Sometimes [it’s] said in other ways.” Rock has been a constant user of the controversial term (in all connotations) in every facet of his career so his reluctance to side with the NFL isn’t all that surprising.

Beforehand, Rock also gave Skip his just due for his ability not to be Craig Sager when it came to wearing a suit and his favorite players from the NBA, which also inexplicably included Mario Elie.

Watch the Chris Rock First Take segment below and do remember that Top Five is currently in theaters now.

Photo: ESPN