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Fox & Friends didn’t learn any lessons from CNN, and created a hashtag that invited nothing but biting sarcasm in response. The morning show used its Twitter account to tweet out the “#OverIt2014” hashtag, which immediately got the slander treatment.

Early on Wednesday (Dec. 31) morning, the Fox & Friends morning crew tweeted a photo with the caption “What are you ready to leave behind in 2014??” and asked followers to use the #OverIt2014 to chime in. What ensued was hilarious sarcasm and biting critique of the conservative news network and of others who share extreme political views.

Much like what happened with CNN and its “#AskACop” disaster, #OverIt2014 opened up Fox News and the show for all manner of slander and filth. Some used the moment to push opposing views with a humorous slant, while others tweeted some questionable things that we won’t print in the main body of this text. While the Fox faithful did try to add on and keep it about the hashtag, the whole thing literally went off the rails and is still going.

Hit the following pages to see some of the #OverIt2014 slander in action. Let us know if you found one we’ve missed in the comments.

Photo: Fox News

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