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As Lil Kim continues to throw verbal darts at those associated with Nicki Minaj, it only makes sense that her cross-hairs are set on Drake as she attacks the rapper after he defended his “sister”.

Taking a direct shot at his manhood, Kim compares the young phenomenon to showcasing some female traits and losing her support after blatantly disrespecting the Queen Bee.

Speaking on Miss Info TV, the female rapper elaborated on her feelings toward Drake now that he placed himself in her affairs with Barbie.

“I used to really like Drake…for him to have the audacity to disrespect me? He’s gonna shout me out, when Ray-J the one who said it? How Beyotchy do you look right now? You look like a straight p*ssy.”

She added that it looked worse on his part due to the fact that she’s a female and he was attacking her as though she was the one the sparked the events that have happened since that performance.

“I didn’t even know [Ray J] was gonna do this Shyte….when he was on stage and he said what he said, I had no choice but to back him…”

Clearly, there is a LOT of ego going on in Hip-Hop these days and people need to calm themselves down.  Whether Lil Kim is aware of the fact or not, her career has been over for quite some time, or has definitely been in a coma on life support, and as much as she might demand the respect of Minaj, she might need to show some as her name is beginning to be relevant again.

When’s the last time anyone was bumping a track from Lil Kim that wasn’t from back in the day?  What have you done lately that’s worth mentioning?

Don’t ruin a legacy with such childlike actions Kim, it’s not really worth it.