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As if Nicki Minaj didn’t have enough to deal with, having New York females preparing an all-out assault, now the female rapper has legal issues after being sued over her video “Massive Attack”.

Yeah, that single sure came and went real quick.

The suit against Minaj comes nothing from the song, but more from props used as a pink Lamborghini that was rented and featured in the video was wrecked.

According to the documents that were filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, someone caused $11,589.41 in damages to the  Lamborghini during the video shoot.

Along with the damages, there are some accusations of foul play as Hollywood Exotic Car Rental, where she rented the vehicle, is stating that she stiffed them out of $5,250 for the three days she rented the car for the video.

Minaj reportedly rented the Lambo from the car rental at the cost of $1,750 per day.

In response, Hollywood Exotic is suing the rapper for damaged property and rental charges, in addition to punitive damages.