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A 3-year-old boy was found gravely wounded and hiding in a trash can after California police say he hid for 12 hours from his father who killed his mother and then himself in a murder-suicide.

Police in Anaheim say they followed a trail of blood to an outdoor trash receptacle where the child was hiding with gunshot wounds to his chest, stomach and shoulder.

Another child was found in the home, the boy’s 5-year-old brother, who was uninjured and told police he heard his sibling screaming but did not know where he was.

One of the father’s co-workers came to the home looking for the man and instructed the 5-year-old to call police when he discovered the bodies of the man and his wife on lawn chairs outside the home.

The boy told police that his father tried to shoot him but he escaped and hid inside the house.

The younger boy was immediately taken to a hospital and is expected to survive while his other brother is safe in protective custody.