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A Fox News pundit and so-called terrorism expert angered Britain and its Prime Minister by saying that Birmingham is a “totally Muslim” city off limits to non-believers. The goof has sparked a worldwide trend titled “#FoxNewFacts,” and the jokes are relentless as expected.

Steve Emerson, a pundit who focuses on national security, terrorism and the like, was a guest on Fox News Live on Sunday discussing “no-go zones” for non-Muslims across Britain. Emerson shared, “In Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.”

Emerson, who has since apologized, was called a “complete idiot” by Prime Minister David Cameron. In fact, just under 22 percent of citizens in Birmingham identify as Muslim.

Emerson’s apologies came a little late, and the #FoxNewsFacts has been raging since all while making a mockery of the news network’s reporting. And as you’ll see below, Fox is MAD!

Hit the following pages to see the best #FoxNewsFacts digs. Let us know of any good ones we might have missed in the comments.

[h/t Crooks and Liars]

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